Gambling, as the name implies, changes conditions every time the player starts a game. This is how you can one day get hundreds of dollars as compensation and, others do not earn a penny.

There are ways to improve the conditions as far as these games are concerned, especially if it’s about the famous, feared and beloved slots, whose conditions and winnings appeal, too many and disgust an equal amount of consideration. In that sense, and properly speaking of the slots, you cannot ignore its biggest prize, the boat that represents the dream of each user who enters some of these machines: the famous and legendary jackpot.

Although it sounds like a fantasy to many, there are ways, tips, and tricks to increase the chances of winning a progressive jackpot and enrich a little pocket.

The first, of course, is to know what you are talking about. It is then that the question arises: what is a progressive jackpot? In short, it can be said that it is a slot machine whose prize amounts to thousands and even millions of dollars in credit.

As for its developers, Microgaming and Playtech lead as manufacturers of these types of games, particularly interesting and thunderous among users, but very little used for the range of loss they can represent for players.

Indeed, progressive jackpots collect outrageous sums of money as the player continues to bet, with the particularity that it is extremely difficult to get them. Currently, the developers of this game have established that no specific shot is required on the reels or pay lines, dosing a bit of the progressive jackpot.

This jackpot is linked to random combinations that work and work in favor of manufacturers like Real Time Gaming. Also, online pokie games like Mega Moolah, activate their random progressive jackpot system, allowing players the chance to earn good money figures.

With regard to online progressive jackpot games, these do not differ too much from those that are part of a real machine, except that they accumulate their profits entirely on the internet. So, in addition to Mega Moolah, are added to the online options, Tunzamunni, Major Millions and Mega Ball, developed by Playtech.

For many fans, some fixed jackpot slots stopped being an option for a long time, then recreated in the fantasy of betting on progressive jackpots. Throughout history, from the 80s -when the rise of the slots occurred-, until the 90s -when they entered the web-, they are an exciting and much more gifted option than others and, to demystify, I have here four players who made history by winning the biggest prize in the slots.

24 million credit with Mega Fortune Win

This game, manufactured by Net Entertainment, is one of the most famous and sought after on the internet for its incredible opportunities to win; and such was the case in 2013 when a Finnish man of 40 years took the equivalent in dollars to 20 million, and 17 million euros.

This story, of course, revolved among the fans of the slot games, because the feat was getting betting no less than 0.25 cents. From this moment to date, there are many players who venture into this game for equal or greater amounts, with the hope of achieving a profit that is close to or equal to that of this lucky player.

17 million credit with Mega Moolah

This is probably one of the most popular progressive jackpot games on the internet, due to the reliability of its developer company -Microgaming-, and by adding Jonathon Heywood in the Guinness Record book as the living man who has won the biggest jackpot. Of all history, with an equivalent of 21 million dollars and almost 28 million euros.

The event occurred on October 6, 2015, when coincidentally this man decided to try his luck in the slot machines.

13 million credit with Mega Fortune Win

The feat happened one night in 2011 in Norway, when a man took more than 11 million euros to play the progressive jackpot. It was globally summarized as a very active day for games of chance and, although that person refused to give personal information about himself, figure along with the other two in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest award in history.

9 million credit with Mega Fortune Win

It is undeniable the popularity of this game and, being the one that in few opportunities has given the jackpot to its users, appears more frequently in the list. In this case, the prize went to a man named Alexander, who earned the equivalent of 8 million euros with the jackpot.

When he was in his thirties, the lucky one decided to spend the money paying the mortgage on his residence and go on vacation for a whole week.